Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth. Root canal treatment is not painful and can save a tooth that might otherwise have to be removed completely.

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Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

The root canal treatment is the process of adding filler to the canal opened by removing inflamed and rotten tissue from the inside of the tooth which has been neglected and has not been properly treated. It is necessary to analyze the tooth roots in detail and to make the treatment with the finest details. While the wrong applications of canal treatment leads to loss of teeth, it is possible to obtain a long lasting result thanks to channel treatments made by careful operation of endodontists. Below you can find answers to those issues wondered about the root canal treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

When is root channel treatment needed?

Endodontists use the root canal treatments in the following cases:
In traumas experienced with fractures to the tooth nerves,
In the decays reaching the tooth nerves,
In teeth that have lost their vitality by not being able to withstand too much pressure during the orthodontic treatment,
In advanced gingival problems.

What are the procedures during the root canal treatment?

Dental x-ray, anesthesia, pulpectomy and filling operations are applied respectively. After application to an endodontist, a dental x-ray is obtained to determine the location and size of decay. Local anesthesia is applied around the determined tooth decay in proportion to the size of the decay and inflammation. The pulp is completely removed from the anesthetized tooth and the cavity is formed. This cavity is filled with filling material and the root canal treatment is completed.

How long does the root canal treatment take?

If the problem with the tooth is not too big, a single session is enough to complete the root canal treatment. However, the endodontist applies the canal treatment in one or more sessions in order to completely remove decayed and inflamed tissue and to achieve better results.

What should be paid attention to during the root canal treatment?

Temporary filler is used between the sessions during the root canal treatment.
For this reason, to prevent damage to this filler and weak teeth during the treatment, hard and sticky food such as chewing gums or dried nuts should not be consumed.

Does any pain occur after the root canal treatment, what should be done if a pain is felt?

Since the nerves in the teeth are removed with the root canal treatment, tooth pain cannot be felt after the tissue completes the healing process. The persistence of pain for a period followign the treatment may be caused by incomplete or insufficient canal filling treatment. When such a situation is encountered, the problematic canal filling is removed and replaced with a new and correct treatment.

How long does the effect of root canal treatment last, how long can the treated tooth be used?

  • The teeth in which the root canal treatment is applied can be used for a life time if the treatment process has been completed without any problem and the mouth and dental care are followed according to the recommendations of the dentist.