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Dental bridge:

Dental Bridges are basically crown together. Their main goal is filling the oothless area for patient. If you have missing teeth then the first option that’s going to be recommended to you by your dentist is probably Dental Bridges. 

Dentists usually use this pontics if their patient has less than 5 missing teeth in a row. Dental bridges can be done for a tooth as well. The most used ones are generally 3-unit bridges. 

Dental bridges strenght and quality depends on their material as crowns. It can be metal fused ceramic, zirconium, porcelain.
Dental bridges need supports to stand like your teeth. Those supports can be your natural teeth or implants. That’s why an X-ray can do an amazing help for your dentist to decide what kind of treatment is suitable for you.

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dental bridge

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridge

Is Bridge better than Implants?

There is no “Yes or No” answer for this question, unfortunately. In some cases dental implants are needed. However if you can decide between bridge and implants, you need to know the benefits of dental bridge. The whole treatment can be done in first visit unlike implants and dental bridge’s only a prosthetic (not an oral surgery) thus the operation is easier for many patients. 

What’s the difference between crowns and bridges?

They are both prosthetics and their material can be the same thing. The difference between them is area of usage. For short, dental bridge can be used to fill the toothless areas while crowns are caps for the natural teeth.

Do dental bridges look natural or fake?

They can be made to look very natural. A high quality dental bridge can’t be recognized in a conversation or in daily situations. However if your aim is having extremely white dental bridges, that can be done in our clinic, too. Just tell us what you want. 

Can you guys do golden crowns and bridges?

Yes, as long as you mention that you want golden bridge for you we’re going to prepare it as you wish. 

Does food get stuck under dental bridges?

Gum, caramel, sticky and slimy foods can get stuck between or underneath of a dental bridge. That’s why before you leave our clinic our dentists will show you the dental bridge care. Do’s and don’ts will be told you by your medical consultant. 

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