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The dental veneer treatment is generally applied as a porcelain veneer in two ways, with metal support and without metal support. In aesthetic dentistry applications,  dental veneer which is more aesthetic and normal-looking and more compatible with teeth and gums is preferred by using material which is used in tooth construction.
Where is  dental veneer used?
As an aesthetic dentistry application, dental veneer treatment is used in the following cases.
In the treatment of advanced colorations,
In the treatment of teeth with excessive material loss, deformed color and structure due to previous procedures,
As a veneer in dental bridge treatments,
In the construction of prostheses added to the implant,
In the treatment of uneven teeth and diastema.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Veneer

How is dental veneer applied?

Teeth Shaving: The tooth is made smaller by shaving at a depth of 1-2 mm and the gum is waited to come to a healthy condition in order to be able to withstand the procedure.
Tooth Measurement: Measurement is taken for veneer which is planned to be formed precisely with special measuring instruments and materials. Preparation of Veneer: Veneer  at the bottom and porcelain at the top, is prepared according to the measurement taken and the natural tooth color of the person, and the suitability for the tooth is provided. Application of Veneer to Tooth: When the person’s tooth is appropriate and smooth, it is completely adapted to the tooth with special adhesives and the treatment is completed.

Why should dental veneer be preferred as an aesthetic dentistry application?

The aesthetic benefits of Zirconium dental veneer are as follows.

As the  material is more light-permeable than metal-supported veneers, the teeth look more healthy, natural, transparent and aesthetic, and the tarnishing problem does not occur.
As in the case of metal-supported veneers, there is no blackening in areas close to the gums.
Since there is no metal in it, it does not cause bad breath and taste changes in mouth.

Is dental veneer compatible with gums?

Porcelain is much more compatible with the gums around the veneered teeth compared to metal veneers, and does not cause gum recession, and other gum diseases are unlikely to occur.

Is it possible to use dental veneer treatment in patients with allergy to metal, is there any inconvenience?

Dental veneer is preferred especially in patients with allergy to metal. In this treatment method, no allergic reaction is observed because the metal is not used in any way.

Is there any age limit for the dental veneer treatment?

Veneer treatment is applied in permanent teeth and is applied in all patients from the age of 20, when the changes in the jawbones are completed.

How long does it take to complete dental veneer treatment, an aesthetic dentistry application?

If the patient does not have any gum disease or if the problem has been treated,  dental veneer treatment is usually completed within 1 week.

Is pain felt during the dental veneer procedure?

  • Because of the operation under local anesthesia, usually no pain or ache is felt during treatment. During the treatment, a temporary veneer that protects the tooth against cold and heat is made and pain and ache formation is prevented.

How long can veneer teeth be used?

Since there is smooth porcelain on the top surface, it does not cause accumulation of substance and plaque and protects the tooth against color change in tea, coffee and cigarette consumption. Depending on the regualar dental care and using the tooth in a healthy way, it may require revision over time. However, healthy teeth can be used for a long time.

How durable is the dental veneer?

Dental veneer is quite durable, but as can be seen in a normal healthy tooth, cracking and breakage may be encountered in reverse and excessive force. As in normal teeth, it can be treated by the dentist and the  dental veneer can be bonded again and the person can continue his/her daily life.

How should the dental care be made after dental veneer treatment?

Normal dental care should be continued. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, dental floss should be used at regular intervals and teeth should be checked by the dentist once every 6 months.

Does the dental veneer cause any tissue loss if it is desired to be separated from the tooth?

Due to reasons such as renewing your  dental veneer, the previous veneer does not cause any loss of tooth tissue while separating from the tooth. It is easily removable by dentist.

When is porcelain bridge applied?

In the case of one or more teeth missing, they are made to fill the gaps between special veneers supported by neighboring teeth.

How many sessions are required for porcelain bridge?

Work preparation and measurement: The tooth or teeth to be restored are made smaller according to the treatment and a detailed measurement of the entire mouth is taken.
• Infrastructure rehearsal: Zircon or metal infrastructure prepared on the mouth model obtained from the measurement taken in the laboratory is rehearsed and adapted in the oral environment.
• Porcelain rehearsal: The porcelain prepared on the metal infrastructure in the laboratory is adapted and controlled with the neighboring and opposite teeth in the mouth. Patient’s opinions about color and aesthetics are taken. It is sent to the laboratory for veneer. This session can be repeated when there is an aesthetic not approved.

• Veneer and cementation: The restoration with veneer in the laboratory is tried for the last time in the mouth. If there is no problem, after the approval of the patient, the restoration is fixed on the tooth. Prosthesis and oral care techniques are explained to the patient.

Are temporary teeth made until dental bridges are made?

Temporary prostheses are made for function and chewing until your crowns are made.

How long do the bridges last?

The average life of the bridges is 5 – 7 years. However, in order to be used for longer years, regular daily care should be performed and dentist controls should not be neglected.

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