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Although Hollywood Smile is not a professional term in dentistry that’s a great term to identify what we offer our patients. If you desire stunning and gorgeous smiles you’re at the right place right now.
What does Hollywood Smile mean?

In film industry, actors and actrists has the best body, the best clothes and the best smiles, of course. Some of the most famous actors are actually born with crooked teeth or their teeth get discolored due to smoking and drinking alcohol. But thanks to advanced dentistry they can find the right solution to have new pair of teeth.
It may not be possible to achieve the greatest body in a week however you can achieve the greatest smile in 5 days if you contact DentOmega. We plan the best possible treatments before your arrival. Your X-rays and photographs guide us and our dentist team discuss the treatment options which suit your case for the greatest smile. The most common treatments for charming smiles goes through Veneers, Zirconium Crowns, Porcelain Crowns and Dental Bridges.

If you want to know what’s the best option for you, contact us now and get a free consultation for you!


Frequently Asked Questions About Bleaching

Does Hollywood smile include teeth cleaning?

Yes, it does. We’re doing a deep clean before your hollywood smile. And also, you may be recommended laser whitening as well. 

What does DentOmega need to prepare the treatment plan for me?

In order to redesign your smile we need to see your oral structure. In some cases we may ask an X-rays to see your bone structure and tooth roots. 

What if I don’t like what i see on the mirror after the treatment?

During your treatment there will be a rehearsal session. In your rehearsal day;  If you want to see your new teeth brighter, or whitetr then just say it, if you need your new teeth more curvy just tell us that. Our dentists and dental technicians ready to work for you anytime that you need. And we’re not going to stop till you tell us you’re satisfied. 

I have toothless area in my mouth, can I still ask for a Hollywood Smile treatment?

Of course you can. We offer you the greatest smile that is possible for you. In order to achieve that we have several techniques and dental treatments. If you have toothless area we may suggest you dental bridge and/or dental implants.

I don’t have the same financial power as hollywood stars have, isn’t that kind of treatment is so expensive?

Thanks to Turkey’s currency you will feel that everything here is cheap. But the difference as DentOmega we offer you the combination of financially choosable & esthetically the best option, together. You’ll see %70 cheaper treatments in Dentomega compared to your homeland. 

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Would you like to know the treatment prices?

There are great ways to contact Dentomega, if you wish, you can write to our representative from the conversation window in the bottom right corner of the screen, call us immediately or fill out the e-mail form on the side and send us an e-mail.

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