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Inlays or Onlays can be used when a tooth has cavity or the tooth is chipped. If these occasions happen Inlays and Onlays can be used in order to fill the gap and cavity.

In dentistry this technique can be referred as indirect restoration. This means an outer material will be placed in order to save your natural tooth. In some serious cases dentists may decide crowns over inlay-onlay treatment which is a total restoration technique for a tooth. Inlays are very strong and durable. The other benefit for that treatment is the price. In most cases Inlay-Onlay treatment is cheaper than a dental crown. Inlays can’t be removed for a dental care. 

Onlay treatment has the all benefits of Inlay treatment. The onlays allows for conservation of tooth structure when the only way for the treatment is to totally eliminate cusps and perimeter walls for restoration with a crown.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bleaching

What is an inlay and when is it used?

Inlay is considered as a ceramic dental restoration used for restoring natural dental crown when the upper surface of the tooth is damaged or cracked.

What is an onlay and when is it used?

Onlay is a ceramic dental restoration for the tooth that seriously damaged and we need to treat both lateral and upper surface.

Where are inlays and onlays fabricated?

Dentists need a medical session in order to a tooth impression for the damaged teeth. This impression is sent to a dental lab where a dental technician makes an inlay or onlay based on your dentists consultation.

What material is an onlay/inlay made of?

As crowns and dental bridges onlay/inlays can be made of several materials. However the most common material modern dentistry achieved today is ceramic inlays and onlays.

Are porcelain inlays/onlays fillings?

Yes and No together. Inlays and onlays actually doing the exact same thing with fillings the only exception is the results that can be achieved with inlays/onlays can’t be found with fillings.

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