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Smile Design is a term which is used in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry aims to reach the perfect and healtful smile. Improving the apperance can be done with different techniques like;


  1. Whitening
  2. Bleaching 
  3. Reshaping
  4. Bridging
  5. Veneers
  6. Implants
  7. Gum lifts 
  8. Straightening

Bite reclamation

In Dentomega when you contact us for a Smile Design 3 Dentist (an Oral Surgeon, an Orthodontist and a Cosmetic Dentist) will discuss your case in our meeting room. The visuals(photos and Xrays) are going to show to our experienced dentists the treatment that you need. Most of the times the patient needs more than one treatment but many dentists do not tell the whole treatment, unfortunetly. We are %100 transparent to our patients we believe the trust is the first time for a medical operation. Every step “Must done and Might be Done” will be explained to you before your arrival. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smile Makeover

What does a smile makeover consist of?

A smile makeover is a processs which includes lumineers, veneers, crowns, dental caps and bridges. The main goal of smile makeover is improving ones smile through cosmetic dentistry.

How much a new smile cost?

The answer can vary from 200€ to 5000€. It actually depends on what you need. From teeth whitening to Emax Veneers there are lots of options for our patients. If you want to learn the exact price of the treatment you need contact us now!

My friend consulted with 20 crowns but my consultation includes 18, why is that?

The narrowness of smile line is different for every patient that’s why a consultation can include 16 crowns or 22 crowns. We’re preparing a new plan for every indiviual thus we can achieve the perfect smile for everyone.

Is it possible to have a wider smile?

Yes, of course. Veneers and crowns make your smile bigger but there is another way to do it. In Smile Makeover process our dentist can perform gum-line treatments, as well. A good smile is not only about your teeth it’s includes the total oral shape. If your gum sorrounds your teeth too much, then our dentists will decide to do a “gum recession” which makes your teeth and smile bigger.

I had an accident and my teeth are crooked/broken/cracked can I have a smile makeover consultation?

Yes, of course and please do that! In professional and personal way, we understand your pain. Every year we’re welcoming the patients who need special treatments. We’re sorry that you had an accident however please mind that every problem has a solution. Please share your medical background with us, so we can prepare a special treatment plan for you. With Dentomega you can see your perfect smile again.

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