Why choose DentOmega?

There are hundreds of clinics all around the world. Why choose one over another? The real question should be "What does your clinic provide & offer?" We, as DentOmega family, offer you 3 great things

High Quality Dental Treatments

 Saying high quality is easy but results don’t lie. We publicly show our results in our website and social media accounts thus you, our beloved patients, can see our results and expect that quality from us. As an awarded clinic from Europe Property Award we want you to experience our professionalism and comfort. The only thing that you need to do in our clinic is leaning your back and enjoying the great transformation of your smile.

A Global Guarantee

We know that if you’re going to travel across the seas and countries you need to trust your clinic and trust is not only an emotional thing in our point of view. That’s why we provide a global guarantee to our patients. We have less than 1/1000 complication rate however we still want to protect you against any odds. If a complication occurs after your treatment due to our lack of ability then you’ll have your free dental treatment in our clinic to fix it. Your dental clinic will think of you even you went back to your home country.

Great Communication 

Yes, this may be funny for you but you’ll be surprised if you know how many dentists and clinic members can’t speak or understand English in Turkey. But in DentOmega we value communication and understanding each other. You’ll be accompanied with a personal host from your arrival to your return flight. We have clinic members who can speak English, French, Korean and Turkish. We want to know what you wish, so we can achieve that together.


We’d like to host you anytime you want. If you want to share a moment with our international medical consultants, know the price, learn the treatment you need contact us, now! Enjoy our communication and treatments and your free consultation. 


Specialized Dentistry


Dentistry World has many branches and in Dentomega we have a team that expertised in such areas. Our prosthodontist is ready to enhance your smile, our orthodontist is ready to correct your malpositioned teeth and our Oral Surgeon is ready to start your treatments that include jaw line such as implants, bone grafting, sinus lifting etc.
Our dentists are member of the Turkish Dental Association and they are performing their specialized areas for many years.


Fast & High Quality Treatments


We’re using cutting-edge technology like laser supported treatments and we’re using the most quality products like 3M Dental Adhesives. Because our main aim is finishing your result while getting the best result for you. We want it fast and we want it successful. Since we trust our quality, every treatment we offer includes our DentOmega guarantee.


Exclusive Holiday


Izmir is well known for its famous beaches, fabolous Aegean culture and cuisine and historical places. You may use your annual leave in order to finish your dental treatment, so we suggest you to give a visit to our historical places called Ephesus, Bergama Ancient Ruins and Cesme beach. If you want to turn your treatment process into a holiday let us know that and we can help you to plan your holiday, as well!


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