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Both crowns and veneers are effective in improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth. A veneer is usually made of wafer-thin porcelain and is bonded to the front of a tooth.  A crown encases the entire tooth. It can be made of metal, zirconium and full porcelain(emax)  or a combination of all.


Metal Fused Porcelain Crowns


These crowns also known as All-Porcelain or Porcelain Fused Metal (PFM) can be explained as full-cast crowns that has porcelain fused on most or all parts of the tooth. They are hybrid between porcelain and metal crowns thus they are both esthetic and durable. The metal part can’t be seen so don’t worry about it’s apperance these crowns seem all-white. They last between 5-20 years depends on the crown’s quality, your clinic’s adhesive and patients oral care. 

In Colgate’s official website it says average price for porcelain crown is between $875-1400 per tooth. However we can provide you the better quality with a price. Your saving will be around %70. If you want to know more about it contact us via email, website chat or phone and our international patient care team will prepare the best treatment plan for you. Our Consultations are FREE!


Zirconium Crowns

Benefits of zirconium crowns can be summarized as longevity, strenght, beauty and biocompatibility. 

Longevity is crown’s durability which comes from crown’s material and craft. The material which is  called zirconium (or also known as zirconia) is also considered as the most durable material in dentistry. Zirconium Crown’s strenght is also comes from the same source. Classic crowns can be broken by chewing something hard however zirconium crowns allow patients to use their mouth as their natural teeth.

The colour can be chosen by patient but the origin of zirconium crown’s beauty is coming from its opacity. Zirconium crowns reflects the light nearly %100 so these crowns shine like diamond in patient’s mouth. 

Biocompatibility is the harmony between your artificial tooth (crown) and your natural body and mouth. Zirconium has no side effect in patient’s mouth. That’s why we consider them the best crown material in cosmetic dentistry. 


Emax dental crown

Emax is an all-ceramic system that includes lithium disilicate glass, and consists of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphoroxide, alumina, potassium oxide and trace elements. These prosthesis type is also known as Hollywood Smile Crowns. The most attractive part of Emax Crown is its excellent esthetic. 

Undeniable beauty of Emax Dental Crown made its name as the Hollywood Smile Crown. Emax Crowns are generally used in cosmetic dentistry to enhance the patient’s smile. The combination of lithium disilacate glass and quartz make unbelievable smiles.

DentOmega offers this beauty to their patients and our offer includes  reasonable prices and quality together. If you want to save %70-%80 contact us now! You’ll shine like a diamond with us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown & Full Veneer?

Does the treatment hurt?

You’ll not experience an oral surgery thus this operation can only occur soreness after local anesthesia numbness and irritation due to teeth filing.

What colours or shades are available?

We have a dental shade & colour scale which you can look at and choose. The scale goes from natural shaded to Hollywood Smile White. Before your treatment you’re going to choose your color however don’t worry in DentOmega clinics we’re not going to execute the process as soon as you choose it. Firstly there will be rehearsal phase then if you like the color and shape that you see on the mirror we’re going to finalize your treatment. What if you want them brighter? Then we’re going to do the thing that you want!

How long do I need to stay in Turkey to finish my Dental Crown/Veneer treatment?

We’d like to host you 7 days. Because the treatment needs 3 dental clinic appointment and dental lab work. We need to wait dental lab to finish your new teeth in likely 2-3 days that’s the reason why this treatment does take 7 days. Initial check-ups, teeth filing, rehearsal day and crown/veneer session are the steps of the Dental Crown/Veneer treatment.

I heard stories about dropped veneers and crowns, is that true?

Yes they are true but not with DentOmega. There are 4 important things if you want to prevent something like that; choose quality equipment, quality material, a talented dentist and practice the post-operational dental care. As DentOmega we’ll have A+ equipments and our cosmetic dentistry is way beyond the standard quality. After the treatment your dentist will explain the needed dental care. If you follow the steps he told you, you won’t experience any problem at all. A bad quality crowns and adhesive may lead unstable Dental Crowns/Veneers, unfortunately.

How long do dental crowns last?

The average lifespan for a dental crown is 15 years. If dental care and dental crown care is taken then they can last more than 25 years. 

Does the tooth under the crown decay?

If the subjected area was not cleaned and healed properly, yes. Before your crowning session your dentist has to make a deep cleaning and check if there is any sign of decay. 

Does crown affect the neighbor teeth?

Yes, there is inevitable effect of the dental crown. However if your crown was placed nicely then your other teeth will be safe because your dentist can calculate the possible damage that can be done after 10 or 20 years and dentists can reshape the dental crown in order to prevent any unhealthful situation in future. 

Does a dental crown turn yellow?

No. Better answer is not with DentOmega. Our crowns stay white as long as you carry them. The only thing that can cause discoloration is severe damage. If you’re crown is damaged badly then it can lose the outer “polished” layer. 

How much tooth is needed for a crown?

The normal amount is ¾ or at least 2/4 of the natural tooth. Dental crowns are also known as caps and a cap needs a head to be placed. If you have a very small tooth your dentist may suggest other treatment ways such as dental implants etc. 

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