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Bleach is the generic name for any chemical product which is used industrially and domestically to clean, to lighten hair color and to remove stains. It often refers, specifically, to a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, also called “liquid bleach“.

However in DentOmega we’d prefer to use new technology and techniques such as; hydrogen peroxide and laser whitening  which are considered healthful whitening techniques. 

The other thing about whitening that we want to mention is home bleaching. If you choose Dentomega for your dental whitening we also give you a home bleaching set. Our dentists will explain to you how to use home bleaching and medical consultant team will help you about it even you’re in your home country. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bleaching

What are the methods of bleaching?

5 different methods are preferred as home type, office type, single tooth bleaching, combined tooth bleaching and biological tooth bleaching.
In the home type bleaching method, which is performed under the supervision of the dentist, the plaque will be designed according to the measurement taken by the dentist for bleaching and it is delivered to the patient for home use.

The office type bleaching method is recommended for patients with limited time. In a single session, a gel is applied on the teeth to provide bleaching and special light sources are used to provide faster activation of this gel.
When the color change occurs in a single tooth that has received canal treatment or has lost its health, bleaching is performed until it becomes compatible with the other teeth again.
Combined dental bleaching is carried out with the combined application of all necessary procedures both in the office and at home.
Biological bleaching is a tooth whitening method that protects the tooth enamel while regulating the tooth color.

How long does bleaching take?

Depending on the frequency of consuming products such as tea, coffee, coke and cigarettes, its effect can last up to 2 years. When a healthier and more sustainable result is desired, the procedure should be supported with care every 6 months.

Is bleaching effective in all tooth colors?

Bleaching is effective in tooth color changes due to reasons such as drug use and dark coffee and blue colorations. However, the effect of bleaching on the teeth in yellow and light brown tones is more noticeable.

Does bleaching have any harm to the teeth?

When applied correctly and completely by specialist dentists, it has no harm to the teeth and it makes a positive contribution to your dental health.

What should be paid attention to after bleaching?

In addition to general oral care, it will be beneficial to keep the tea, coffee, wine and cigarette consumption at the lowest level especially in the first weeks. In addition, more attention to the consumption of these foods in general affect the durability of the procedure positively.

Can bleaching be performed despite the sensitivity in the teeth?

  • After the procedure of repairing the tooth enamel and improving the tooth color, the existing tooth sensitivity problem will be significantly reduced.

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