Aesthetic filler material is composite. It is formable and it is hardened by halogen light and chemically bonded to the teeth.
Are the aesthetic fillers durable?
Although it was believed that metal fillers were more durable and functional in previous years, the material content was strengthened along with the developing technology, and a more durable, aesthetic and healthy structure than the metal fillers was created.
Do the aesthetic fillers have a certain life?
With routine oral care, no deformation occurs in the aesthetic fillers, and breakage or leakage occurs in the fillers. During your checks between 6 months and 1 year, your aesthetic fillers are maintained, their veneers are renewed and they are ensured to last much longer. Briefly, the life of the filler is related to the oral care of the person.
Is it necessary to change the aesthetic fillers over time?
No, as long as your teeth are routinely maintained and there is no decay on the tooth, changing the aesthetic filler is not necessary.

What is the resistance of the aesthetic fillers, do they protect the teeth?
Because it is closer to the hardness of our natural teeth and is chemically bonded to the teeth, it is more protective against possible fractures in the tooth.
Can I replace my black (amalgam) fillers with aesthetic fillers?
You can replace your amalgam fillers with aesthetic fillers in one session.
Should I prefer an an aesthetic filler or porcelain veneer?
As far as possible, we are in favor of preserving the natural structure of the tooth. It is evaluated to what extent the teeth

, which become indurable due to large decays or fractures, can be reinforced with aesthetic filler. Thanks to the developments in composite technology, most of the teeth that had to be treated with porcelain veneer before are maintained only with fillers for many years.

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