It is a porcelain with increased durability, which is obtained by firing glass ceramic on the ceramic core with a crystal structure compressed under pressure without using metal infrastructure. It is completely made of ceramic. They can also be called full porcelain teeth.
Why and how do Empress dental veneer appear more natural?
The absence of metal substructure and full ceramic content imitate the transparency of natural teeth, their ability to reflect and transmit light. Adhesives’ compatibility with the empress and tooth texture provides the chameleon effect of the materials, the desired ideal color and transparency. All characteristics of your natural teeth can be transferred to empress dental veneers. Thus, natural dental aesthetics is achieved.
Do its color and shape change over time?
Its color and shape preserve all its features.
How is its compatibility with the oral tissues?
It is compatible with all soft and hard tissues, and it is smooth and biologically compatible.

I’m allergic to some metals, does empress cause an allergy?
Valueless metal alloys cause allergic reactions in individuals while empress which is fully made of porcelain does not cause any reaction.
My old veneers, my dental bridges create black shadows on my teeth, does empress have any advantage in this?
Porcelains with metal infrastructures have metal reflections on the gums; however

, empresses are completely in the color of teeth. They are in harmony with the healthy pink color of your gum.
My old veneers, my dental bridges are white but look like matt, does empress have a more natural appearance?
Empresses and adhesives used under it imitate natural teeth with light transmission properties. Natural smile is possible with empresses.
One of my teeth has deformation and position disorder, is it noticed if empress is applied?
In such a case in the front area, empress is the ideal material to use. The surface characteristics and form of the teeth in the symmetry can be processed exactly and color harmony is provided in the painting technique. If desired, characteristic features such as cracks and white spots on the surface of the natural tooth are also reflected in empress.
Empress or zirconium?
Both are reinforced special porcelains which do not contain metal infrastructure and they provide excellent aesthetics and biological compatibility. Empresses are used in the front area because of their superior light transmission and natural appearance, while zirconiums are preferred when aesthetic and high resistance demands come to the forefront.

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