24 April 2020

3 Reasons To Choose Turkey For Your Dental Treatment

Turkey has been a tourism center for a long time however in last 5 years we welcomed more than a million patients for different treatments in Turkey. Numbers don't lie…
19 January 2020

What Is The All On Four Implant Technique?

The All On Four implant technique is a procedure that allows the dental prosthesis to be fixed on four dental implants placed at certain angles in patients with no teeth.…
19 January 2020

What Is Porcelain Laminate (porcelain leaves) Teeth?

It is an aesthetic dentistry application which changes the color and shape of the teeth permanently according to the person's aesthetic perception and expectations. To obtain a smooth, natural and…
19 January 2020

What Is Empress (full porcelain teeth)?

It is a porcelain with increased durability, which is obtained by firing glass ceramic on the ceramic core with a crystal structure compressed under pressure without using metal infrastructure. It…
19 January 2020

What Is Crest Augmentation?

Surgical procedures for thickening or increasing the height of the bone carrying teeth. During these procedures, the patient's own bone can be used, as well as specially produced bone meals.…
19 January 2020

What Is Aesthetic Filler

Aesthetic filler material is composite. It is formable and it is hardened by halogen light and chemically bonded to the teeth. Are the aesthetic fillers durable? Although it was believed…